Sunday, October 03, 2004

Ch. 02: Brother, The Milkman

I must only thank my brother’s habit of writing diaries, if not I would have not come across such a wonderful experience of him with my mother. I turned the pages of his diary…

Feb 20: There was nothing special for a week after that day with mom. Though she asked me to be naked throughout the day she didn’t insist me to do so. Every time when she sees me she would just smile that wicked smile at me indicating that she didn’t forget that incident.

To be frank we didn’t even see ourselves naked after that. But today it was a surprise for me.

I was just returning home around 11 O’clock in the morning after a visit to my friend’s house.

The front door was open and at first I didn’t hear my mom in. I came in, closed that door and moved towards my bedroom. And I passed my mom’s room I could see the fan running and just as I entered cursing my mom for not switching off the fan, the sight I saw there made me awestruck.

For there, on my mom’s bed I saw another woman with my mom. She was Santhi, my mom’s best friend and her co-worker. Moreover she was of some distant relation to mom. She was around 25, married and just now given birth to a girl two months ago.

There is nothing wrong till now, what I said about them, but what I saw there only shook me. Santhi (Aunty as I would call her) was there in her pink colored exotic plain saree sitting cross-legged on the bed. Her baby was sleeping on a mat that was spread on the floor.

Her saree covering her breasts was pushed down an the upper part of her body was not covered in saree but only her blouse containing her milk-filled breasts and even a few buttons of her bodice open and her bra loosened, I could see her right breast, wheat colored with her nipples straight and pushing forward. ‘May be she would have just finished breastfeeding her baby’ you might tell.

But there was my mom in her nightdress, lying on Santhi auntie’s lap just like how her baby would be there, and mom was sucking Santhi auntie’s breasts and drinking her milk!

God Damn! I couldn’t believe my mom doing that sucking Santhi auntie’s breasts…is she a lesbian too? I began hating my mom, for I didn’t like my mom stripping a boy of his clothes or being naked with any of her friends…

I opened the door and “Oops!” was the only thing I could mutter staring at that sight, then a little bit relaxed, I asked, “What’s going on Mom?”

By this time my mom had got up and I could see Santhi auntie’s face turn pale on seeing me.

“Nothing…” Mom said.

“Is this nothing?” I’ve caught her red handed sucking her friend’s breasts and drinking her milk.

There was no answer.

“Are you both lesbians?” I asked mom, looking straight into Santhi auntie’s eyes.

“Arjun!!! Oh god no!!!” she was saying to herself.

And now, Santhi auntie’s eyes were filled with tears. By now she had buttoned her bodice and smoothed her dress.

“Sorry…auntie, I didn’t expect you to be with mom like this.” I said to her.

“Arjun…you can’t talk to her like this…” this was mom.

“Then how should talk after seeing you sucking her…” I didn’t finish the line and wanted this thought to sink into them.

My penis was already making a tent in my pants and mom’s eyes fell on them. She understood what I was up to.

So she smiled at me looking into my pants and asked, “So what do you want us to do now?”

“Don’t you know?” I asked again. She knew what I needed.

“Hey, Priya…what does he say?” Santhi auntie asked to mom still with her eyes red.

Mom went near auntie and murmured something into her ears.

“Is that so?” Santhi auntie asked me.


Her smile had the answer.

“Now that’s between us. Mom…could you please move…” I asked mom and she gave a scornful look and then paved way for me in the bed.

Santhi auntie now pushed her sari covering her breasts aside and unhooked her bodice as if she was going to breast feed her baby.

“Are you going to give your milk to your baby or me…come on aunty… remove every bit of dress that is on your body. I want to see you naked” I said to her.

Brother was that much calm guy. I didn’t expect him to be that much bold, asking a woman much above his age to remove all her dress in front of him. I was really shocked after reading that…

“No…” she murmured. I was sure that she was embarrassed at what I asked her to do.

“Mom….” I looked at mom.

“Come on Santhi…do as he says…” mom said to her.

“But Priya…” Santhi auntie protested.

“Come on pa…just relax and remove your dress.” Mom coaxed her to remove her dress. It seemed as though mom too was willing to see her naked.

Seeing there was no way out, Santhi auntie stepped out of the bed and started undressing turning her back to both of us.

“Auntie…if you want you can use the bathroom…” I said.

“No…she would do it here…” mom interrupted and said to her, “Turn this side Santhi…”

Santhi auntie turned to face us her face blushing, so she didn’t look at us. As she pulled off her sari and her petticoat… that was knotted at her hips, her bodice that was already unbuttoned showed away her well-maintained breasts, soft, plump and large and her nipples protruding her soft white cotton bra.

She ripped off her bodice and was struggling to unhook her bra at the back. In tension, she couldn’t unhook her bra.

“Mom…why don’t you help her?” I whispered to mom, and mom stepped near her and removed the hooks of her bra. And her breasts sprang out falling to the front.

As Santhi auntie was about to pull her panties she hesitated.

“It’s alright you need not remove that…come here…” I said to her.

She came nearby and I made her lie on back and started to massage her large breasts with my palm. She closed her eyes and started to moan. As I licked her breasts and sucked her nipples, they turned red and as I squeezed her breasts, a small drop of milk appeared at her nipples.

Santhi auntie was there still with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes and said, “Arjun… why don’t just remove your dress… it makes me feel more and more shy being naked in front of a person fully dressed.”

Then only I felt that I was still wearing the pants. Within a minute I was out of all my dress and my dark colored penis was looking straightforward due to the erection.

Santhi auntie got up and sitting on the bed started to caress my hard on, with her fingers. By this time mom entered the room commenting, “Wow…you really look much sexy…”

“Thanks mom…why don’t you join us?” I asked her.

“Sure…” mom said and she too was naked within a minute, because it didn’t take that much time for her to remove the only piece of dress she was wearing to cover herself… her nightie.

And there she was my mom same as I had seen her the previous time. I couldn’t believe this, there I was naked with two ‘young’ women, one of them my mom, she too naked. Just the thought that I was with two naked sexy figures made me feel the ecstasy and my heart was beating fast.

I made Santhi auntie to sit cross-legged and started milking her breasts by squeezing them with my hands.

“Oh Gawwd…” she moaned aloud closing her eyes and holding my shoulders.

Within seconds, milk squirted out of her nipples. Her breasts turned red and froth gathered on the bluish coloured milk that I had squeezed from her breasts.

“Mmmmmmphhhhhhh…” was the only sound I heard from her with her eyes still closed as I finished milking her breasts.

Again I made her lie and started to suck her breasts with my mouth. For a few minutes she moaned aloud, then tried to push me aloud saying, “It’s enough…”

But I continued, not heeding her words.

“Oh it’s enough Arjun… it’s paining…” she said, but still I continued sucking her breasts.

“Please Arjun, leave me…it’s paining…please…” she was almost crying.

‘Come on Arjun leave her alone don’t torture her’ I was saying this to myself. My heart was racing fast after reading that, although involuntarily I fingered myself…f and my fingers had already become sticky of my cunt juices.

“Arjun it’s enough…stop sucking…” this was Mom.

So heeding my mom’s words I stopped sucking her breasts and I saw her relaxing. I moved to her cunt. With my hands I moved her legs apart but suddenly she moved her legs back again together.

Surprised by her act, I saw her eyes.

“No…I don’t want to do that with you…” she said.

“Why?” I asked her startled.

“Because, you had said that you wanted to suck my breasts for milk and I allowed you only on the pretext that you’ll suck my breasts alone…” I was shocked hearing her words.

“But…Auntie…” I tried to persuade her.

“Please…leave me alone…” she said and mom too accompanied her saying, “It’s enough Arjun…if she doesn’t like that don’t do it…go to your room…”

I had no other way but return to my room with my dick shrinking fast.

But I heard mom asking to her, “Why didn’t you allow him to do that?”

“I would have allowed him, but already this child is not born to my husband. You won’t believe this, but don’t say this to anyone. Actually the original father of this child is my younger brother. When he fucked me my husband had just then gone out of town and he thought that he already impregnated me with his cum. I got pregnant only after my brother fucked me you know…I don’t want this to happen again because if I was caught becoming pregnant, then my husband will very well know what’s going on…hope you understand…” Santhi auntie narrated her story to mom.

I thought they would dress themselves and she would return home, instead, mom and Santhi auntie, began to caress each other’s body. They massaged their breasts and in 69 positions started eating each other’s cunt.

Even as I heard the slurping sound that came from them I dick started to grow again.

Then the ground their cunt on each other I heard them moaning aloud. “I’m cumming…I’m cumming…” mom was the first to moan aloud followed by Santhi auntie saying, “Yesss…” I’m also cumming…Ahhhhh…” then they both reached their orgasm and started to relax on the bed.

I had to masturbate myself to finish off my growing pleasure.

After a while both mom and Santhi auntie came out fully dressed. Then Santhi Auntie left, saying, “Sorry to disappoint you Arjun…anyhow it was a nice day with you both…” she smiled and left. I bid her good bye.

“It’s O.K. Auntie…hope we meet again some other time.”

Though she was reluctant in the morning she called me later today and apologised to me saying that I could ‘have’ her some day in the near future… I’m waiting for that day…

I was feeling much horny after reading brother’s diary and as I went along I’ve started to unearth many truths, for example, Santhi auntie with whom I had had much affection had given birth to a child only thro’ her brother. Even as I finished reading, I heard my mom come home for lunch. So I placed that diary below my bed so as to hide it from mom and kept my face innocent. Mom came in and asked if I’m preparing for the exams and I obediently answered yes. Even at that time it didn’t occur to me that she was looking young and sexy even at that age.

I didn’t have much time in the evening as everyone returned home. I seemed that bother had noted his diary to be missing. He was looking tensed, but I didn’t want to part with his diary. Only in the late night I got time as everyone went to sleep and I started to flip the pages of the diary once again…

Well…. that’s next part friends…I’m waiting for your encouraging comments, new ideas and criticism… surely… it’ll make my next stories better… till then, bye from ur saranya…

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