Saturday, October 16, 2004

My First Lover

My name is Latha. I’m 18 years old, 5’7” in height and I weigh 65 kgs. My family consists of me, my mom and then my dad. My dad runs a business through internet at home and therefore would be in home most of the time. My mom is a clerk in an office. So she will be out of home in the day.

If you had met me four months before, you would have found me as just another innocent homely little girl who had just then finished her schooling. I never had any love or sexual experience in school, because I had been brought up in that way. But today, I think I’m the sluttiest girl in the world. I have graduated to the level that I feel free to explain my experience in the internet by means of this story.

It all started a few days after I finished my school. I had my own room and had my own privacy to do whatever I liked. It included chatting with my friends, mostly girls. All these girlish talk led me into this, I should say. Because one day we girls were talking on the phone and or topic went at lengths regarding sex and about maintaining our body so as to be sexually attractive. After all that talk I made up my mind to start by shaving my cunt.

As I never had done that before, I just sneaked into my dad’s bath taking out his shaving set into my room. It was in the morning. Mom had already gone to work, and dad was deep into his work that he didn’t mind what I’m doing as far as I didn’t disturb him.

So as I finished my breakfast I sneaked into my room with excitement as to how I’m going to end up shaving my cunt. In the excitement I forgot to close my door. I spread the things on my bed and then pulling off my yellow skirt to my hips and getting rid of my panties, I started matting the pubic hair with water and cream and then slowly I started shaving the hairs of my cunt. It was really painstaking for the first time and I left some hair here and there.

I was half way, when suddenly, I heard dad asking me from his bath, “Latha… did you see my shaving set?” the sudden voice and the question startled me a moment that I got a nick with the razor near my cunt. Blood started coming out in small but fast drops.

“God… I have to continue later…” I said to myself and then forgetting about the blood and pain, I pulled of my skirt and covering my cunt, I thought about how to place the razor without my dad knowing it.

“Search it dad… it will be somewhere there only…” I said to him aloud and started picking up and arranging his shaving set. It was almost over, when dad barged into the room. By this time, blood had started clotting on my skirt that I got a big red clot just near the cunt side of my skirt. And even before I could hide it, dad saw the blood on my skirt.

“Latha… what happened?” he asked seeing my skirt with blood.

“Nothing dad…” I said. Still I could see his eyes excited after seeing it.

Then I came upon the idea. “Nothing dad… it’s the usual stuff… understand dad…” I said, hoping he would think it was part of my menstrual blood.

Suddenly, he relaxed and understood, “Ok… be careful. Take care.” He said, and then was about to move out of my room when his eyes fell on his shaving mug that was beside my bed.

Now, he grew suspicious and I got into trouble. He knew what had happened.

“Hey latha… what happened?” he asked again.

“Nothing dad…” I said the same answer again.

“Come on dear… I know what you had done… you can say it to me… see your skirt is turning red.”

“Dad…” I had no words to say, but to accept to him.

“It’s Ok dear… I can understand.” He moved beside me and then after giving me a hug made me sit on the bed.

“Show me what you had done…” he said. My face turned white at the thought of exposing my feminity to my own dad. He seemed to have understood my uneasiness.

“I can understand you dear… you are my daughter, I know you very much. Why did you think of doing that? It’s ok. Let me see… show me…”

When I still hesitated, he said with a caring voice, “If you leave it that way, it’ll become septic. I’m your dad latha… I can understand. I will help you ok?” he was assuring me in a way that I could never say a no.

“Ok. Dad… but don’t say this to mom please…” I said with tears in my eyes.

I could see a smile as a response from his face. I never thought it as a wicked smile.

Composed by his assuring smile, I slowly moved my legs onto the bed and then rolling off my skirt over my knees through the soft thighs, slowly to my hips I showed him my half-shaved cunt to him. There I was, an 18-year old grown up girl, showing up my cunt for the first time to a man, the man being my dad.

“Oh dear… what have you done… don’t worry… it’ll be fine…” he said to me and then getting some cotton, he smudged it on the blood over my young cunt.

Yet, the small drops of blood didn’t stop. Suddenly, he moved my legs apart and then getting his face near my cunt, started licking and sucking my young cunt, just as we would do if we get a cut in out fingers, saying, it would stop the blood from the cut.

But the thing is that he didn’t stop even after the blood stopped flowing. The moment he placed his lips on to my cunt I bucked my ass with a shrill yell. Right from the moment he touched my virgin cunt with his tongue, I started squirming with a sensation I could never define. I felt as if all my body parts within me would come out through my cunt hole through his sucking. It was my first sensual experience.

My body swayed in excitation to either side. But dad got hold of my small soft buttocks tightly that it wouldn’t move. All I could do was gripping his hair with my hands and he played on my cunt with his mouth.

“Hmmm… Dad... what are you doing dad?” I kept asking him in between my small rhythmic moans, but I didn’t get any answer from him. At one moment I was on the edge of my first ever orgasm in life that I felt as if fainting.

“Dad… please stop it dad… I feel like fainting…” I said to him rolling my eyes. But in fact I wanted more of that feeling. I felt like asking him not to stop. But the words came out asking him to stop.

Suddenly, abruptly, he stopped sucking my cunt hole and then moved his head out. “See… the blood has stopped.” He said as if in pride.

“Let me finish the work, what you had started…” he said, and then without waiting for my answer, he took his shaving set that I had hidden below my bed and started shaving the remaining of the cunt-hair with care. After he finished he neatly removed all the hair I had left here and there. When he was done all I could see was a small cunt devoid of any hair, as it would be for a newly born girl.

“It looks like a newly born child’s, dad…” I commented with a giggle.

“Turn to your back…latha” he said and I obliged him as I had done a number of times for many of his general errands like doing this or doing that. The thought that he was my dad, went to the very extent that, I never raised a question about what he was going to do to me.

As I turned to my back, I could feel his hands roam over the back of my thighs to my fleshy buttocks. I thought he would as well pull my skirt above to my hips in the back too. Instead he undid the knots of my skirt and then pulled it below, making me stark naked down the hips, staking my feminity with it.

“With your skirt on your hips, you can never get a good shave… ok?” he commanded

Then taking some cream in hands he lathered it on the crack between my buttocks. Only when he used his razor between the crack of my small round buttocks that I understood that he was going to shave the hair that was between my buttocks.

“You’ll have hairs between your buttocks too. You have to remove them also, whenever you shave yourself in the front. Ok?” He taught me and finished shaving my buttocks.

“Sit up and remove your blouse…” he bid me. I felt still like a child doing whatever dad asked to do me. He helped me unbutton it and then removed it. I was wearing a soft cotton bra inside. In fact I never needed a bra but I did wear as an extra accessory to cover my small breasts and dot-like nipples over them.

“Remove the bra also, latha…only then you’ll feel comfortable” He was asking me remove even the skimpy bra that I was wearing inside. It was the last piece of dress on my body. He himself unclasped the bra, from the back, leaving me fully nude. He caressed my small mounds for a while with his fingers. And I wriggled myself when he did that to me. Then making me raise my hands he applied cream and shaved my armpits. I never felt being fully nude before my dad and was watching him do everything with my body with awe. He finished shaving off both my armpits.

Then making me lie at my back on the bed, she took his small scissors and then moving to my breasts, he started cutting off the small hairs that started to grow around my nipples.

“Now only you look like a child, latha… just like as you were when you were 10 yrs. You look much beautiful now.” He said.

“Is it so dad? Am I that much beautiful?” I was flattered as any child would be when her dad appreciated her.

“Yes… you remind me of those days when I used to bathe you myself. Do you still remember that latha?” He said.

“Yes dad… I still remember that. I miss those days dad. It’s long since I had a bath from you. Will you bathe me again like that dad?” I heard myself asking dad to bathe his fully grown girl.

“Sure dear. I’ll do it for you.” He said and then took his virgin naked daughter to his bath. When inside the bath, I felt like pissing. “Can you wait outside dad? I feel like going for a piss…” I said.

“Why don’t piss in front of me? In those days you would ask me to stand beside you when you need to go for a piss and ask me wash after doing it? Now when you ask me to bathe you like a child, why don’t you piss before me?” He asked with a smile.

“But dad, I feel very shy to piss in front of you…” I said.

“Its ok, latha… I’m just your own dad. You can piss in front of me. Actually I want to see you doing your piss…” he said.

So I squatted on the toilet so as to piss. He stood in front of me watching me doing that. Slowly my piss started to squirt out of my cunt drop by drop and then started to flow fluently. Half the way, he made me to stop and then collected some of my piss on to a mug. He watched me as I finished my piss without batting an eyelid. After making me piss on the mug, he asked me to drink all those piss myself, from the mug.

“Dad… how could I…? I never did that.” I was perplexed by his act.

“Its good for you health dear… young girls like you should drink a tumbler of piss every morning. This will improve the shine of your skin.” Saying so, he made me gulp every drop of my own piss. I never he was a pervert at that moment. All I thought was dad was saying something that would make me good. Only after some weeks, I understood how far his mind could go thinking pervert, yet he made me enjoy the feeling of doing something so pervert. That is a different story…. I’ll explain it as another episode.

Then, as I drank all of my piss, he poured a mug full of water over my cunt washing it.

Finishing it, he turned on the shower, making me wet altogether. Then he started soaping all of my body. I could see his penis go hard inside his shorts, as he soaped my small breasts and nipples with his hands. He then moved on to my thighs and his hands started soaping my smooth cunt skin, which was without any hair now.

My body was full of lather by this time and I was moaning aloud to dad, not to stop soaping my cunt. “Dad… please don’t stop that dad… put more soap there dad, please... please put more soap between my thighs…” I was asking him. As a result he continued soaping on to my cunt and generated a lot of lather. In between, he inserted a couple of his fingers into my small cunt that I bucked my body wildly at that moment moaning out aloud and hugging him, I closed my eyes in sensation. “God! Dad… you are really nice... don’t take the fingers out… keep them inside please…” I was moaning by his ears.

The next moment when I opened my eyes I say myself up on his hands. He had by then lifted my soapy body on his hands and was carrying me to my bed. My body was still covered fully by soap and lather.

“Dad… what are you going to do?” I asked him innocently.

“Wait and see… you’ll enjoy it… do you want me to continue what I did to you in the bathroom?” he asked me.

“Yes… dad... do it again for me…please dad” I answered without a thought and was literally begging him.

“Ok. Don’t worry… I’ll do it again. But differently now…” saying so he laid my soapy fragile body on my bed and made me stand on all fours as if showing my small buttocks to him. I was there at that position for a few minutes. When there was no sign of what dad was doing I turned around to see him, only to find out that he had removed his dress and become naked just like me.

“What are going to do dad?” I asked him. He silenced me by placing his finger on my lips and then moved on the bed behind me.

Then, gripping my buttocks and my soapy hips with one hand and with the other, he held his hard penis (which I noticed only now that it had become hard and long to the extent of 7 inches) and placed it between my thighs over my small cunt hole.

I waited like a curious child waiting for her dad to do the next move. Suddenly, I felt a piercing pain between my thighs and screamed aloud. But even before that, dad gagged my mouth with a towel in a way that the sound wouldn’t escape my mouth. I felt as if someone was filling my cunt and ripping apart into two and tearing it apart wildly. It was the worst pain I ever experienced in life. Within the next moment, I was shaken and tears ran out of my eyes and I felt like crying out aloud in pain.

“Dad… what are you doing dad? It is paining like anything. Stop it dad please…” I was saying to dad in a muffled crying voice.

“Don’t make a sound latha… it’ll pain a little first… but once you overcome the pain, you’ll enjoy it like anything, and you would want me to it to you again and again.” Saying so, again he pushed himself forward, and I felt a shrieking pain again inside my cunt. It was as much irritating and paining as it can be. I cried out aloud, but my sounds were stopped inside my mouth due to those gags.

“It’ll be fine dear… it’ll be fine…” dad consoled me, but at the same time again pushed his penis inside my small cunt.

With a few minutes the pain began to subside, and a sort of pleasure began to emerge as he continued to fuck me slowly. I was getting the first fuck of my life. “How do you feel now, latha…shall I continue?” dad was asking me.

“Its ok dad… it’s not paining much, but there is a little pain…” I said to him.

So he continued fucking me in a slow but rhythmic fashion, yet, I could feel his speed increasing as time progressed. Nearly a quarter of an hour passed since he started it and now I could feel a strange sensational feeling between my thighs, inside my cunt.

I wanted to him to do it again and again and felt he wouldn’t stop suddenly. I felt the orgasm building inside me. At one moment again he pounded so fast that I felt something tear off inside me giving me a searing pain that I yelled out and bucked my body fully, writhing in pain.

I pleaded with dad to stop. But he never stopped. He tried to hold my small tits for grip as he was pounding me hard, doggy style. Due to lather, they never got into his hands and were slipping again and again. But he rightly held my stomach for grip and continued pounding me, with me experiencing both the feeling of pain and pleasure on my cunt.

I felt something run out of my cunt, along my thighs. I could never think of taking a look and finding what it was. But all my thoughts were engulfed in the pain and pleasure that I was wondering when he was going to finish.

More than half an hour had passed by. He was slowly going onto the routine again and again, slowly for sometime and the faster for sometime. By this time, the pain subsided, and I felt a feeling of pleasure and felt as if I would die fainting on the bed if this sensation went on again for hours.

“Dad… when are you going to stop dad?” please… I’m tired…” I was pleading him. But the pleasure made me want him to go on and on.

“It’s over little girl… it’s going to be over in a few minutes…” saying so, he started pounding faster and fasted that even my small tits began to bounce wildly at the movement. The orgasm had now built to the very extent that now I had started asking him not to stop and continue to pound me again and again.

The soap on my small body had dried by this time and sweat had emerged as beads all over our body. I felt as if like a young girl caught by a large man. But I wanted him not to stop even though I was dead tired.

Something dripped along my thighs more and more. Suddenly, I felt my dad let out a groan and then pulling his penis out of my weathered sloppy little cunt. He poured his white hot cum over my buttocks and over my back. He smeared them all over my body with his hands including my breasts. I felt rash for being stopped abruptly.

“Dad… don’t stop dad… please…” I was pleading.

“Ok…ok…” I heard him console me and then felt three of his fingers inside my cunt. A few seconds later I could feel his fourth finger too inside my cunt. I felt it being filled and stretched fully. I was finger-fucked for more than a minute, when I felt the pleasure inside me being filled and overflowed, making me buck my buttocks and kneading my sticky cum-smeared tits myself with my hands. I had closed my eyes in pleasure. My dad’s fingers too bucked along with me as he didn’t take his fingers out yet.

Slowly, I calmed and came to rest. When I opened my eyes, I saw dad smiling at me, as he took his fingers out of my cunt. I was really shocked to see her fingers red in colour as they were covered in blood. Only then when I saw between my thighs I saw the thing that was dripping from my cunt. It was nothing but my cunt blood that came out as my dad stripped me off my virginity. I was no longer a virgin now.

“How do you feel now latha? Do you want to do it again? Don’t worry. This blood will come only for the first time. It’ll not come the next time. You’ll enjoy it very much if you do it again and again….” He said and hugged the rag out of my tired body to his chest.

“Don’t say it to anyone… even to your mom, ok? Only then we can enjoy whenever you want.” He said.

Then he carried me to the bath and soaped and washed me fully. I was pristine clean but very tired when we finished our bath. He then again carried my naked body to my bed and there I slept with him, unmindful of my virginity been stripped from me by my own dad. I felt his finger puckering into my cunt hole and the crack of my buttocks as he tried to hold me together very near to his body when we slept.

My first fuck in life… that too with my dad, was truly an unforgettable experience. But there are more unforgettable experiences just because of dad, which I’ll explain next time.

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