Sunday, January 02, 2005

The Summer Vacation

Cool breeze blew over my face as I landed on my grandma's place. It is a small town in South Tamil Nadu. As I walked towards my grandma's house, I never knew it was going to be a memorable vacation for me. Let me first introduce myself. I'm Praveen, 21 yrs old, 5'8", large frame, and wheatish complexion. I had just then finished my BE degree and I was there at my grandma's place to spend my vacation.

I have five uncles. They are brothers to my mom. Just then my last uncle's marriage was over, which I couldn't attend due to my exams. Four out of five uncles lived there with their families in that town.

Though not so beautiful, all my aunties were equally good to look at. All my aunties were new to the family as they got married very recently with all my uncles each marrying at a year's gap. So the oldest auntie was around 25 just 5 yrs older than me and the youngest auntie was just a few years older than me. Let me first name all my aunties, first, Janaki, 25 yrs, second, Anandhi, 24 yrs, third, Reena, 22 yrs, and the last one being Mala, 21 yrs.

Each uncle lived in separate houses. But still all of them were very near to each other. Since I was visiting the village after nearly 5 yrs, all my aunties were new to me. And therefore, each of them showered their affection in their own way, to show that they would take care of me better. I would take turns to stay at each uncle's house for one day and then shift to the next, the other day.

Everything went fine until one day when I was staying at my second uncle's house that is with Anandhi aunty. Uncle went to work and their daughter who was three years old was sleeping. I had woken up very late. The very sight of my aunty when I woke up stirred my groins.

Usually the village ladies wouldn't mind tucking up a portion of their sari so as to not get them wet while doing household work. That day, Anandhi aunty too tucked up her a sari, but a bit more, that it was well above her covering knees only half of her left thighs. She was bending and sweeping the house. The part of her sari covering her breasts were loose and I could clearly see her falling breasts, dancing this side and that side.

"Good morning, Praveen, How much time would you sleep. Come on get up take bath. Breakfast is ready." She said.

"Where is uncle?" I asked her.

"He went to work early in the morning. He would come only late in the night." The stress in the last sentence was more!

So I took bath and then took breakfast. Then I was relaxing myself watching HBO.

Anandhi was sweeping and cleaning the kitchen. Suddenly she called me to do a favour for her and I went into the kitchen. There she was trying to take something from the upper shelf. Her body was full of sweat. I could see beads of sweat on her forehead.

First let me say about her first.. She's fair in colour, but pretty smaller than me, she being 5'4" whereas I am 5'8". She had milky white body, pretty smooth, mostly hairless arms. I was mesmerised by her when she was first introduced to me as my uncle's wife. She was small and slim having blue eyes, small nose, and small lips. But her breasts were full. Though not large enough, they filled the whole of her blouse and I could see them bulging out of her blouse most of the time, when she was bending or stretching her body.

"Could you please lift me up, so that I can take that rice flour from that vessel in the upper shelf?" she asked.

Damn! I said to myself. Actually I was shocked, because, in our Indian community, they would even allow us to touch a lady, and here she was, this woman asking me to lift her up.

"Come on... hold my hips... can you withstand my weight?" she asked me.

" How much do you weigh? I asked her smiling.

"Not more than 50 kg..." she returned the smile.

"O.K. Here we go..." saying so I got hold of her sari covered thighs and lifted her up. 'God!' I whispered to myself. More than her weight, the pleasant musky scent of a woman made my hands trembling.

Suddenly my hand slipped from her thighs, but I recovered myself, before she could fall, only this time, my palms went over her hips and touched something more intimate... you guessed it. My palms were touching in between her thighs.

"Oooh..." she cried as my hands touched her groin and she let go of the flour vessel. The vessel opened and the whole rice flour fell over us covering our bodies with white flour. I let her go and she came to her feet. When we saw each other, we instantaneously went into laugh seeing our flour covered bodies.

"Sorry, Sorry, Sorry..." She was pleading to me, " It was all my fault. Come I myself would clean that mess. Please..." without expecting a word, she pulled me into her bathroom. She turned on the water and then pulled my T-shirt up above my head. Then as she tried to remove my shorts, I moved back.

"Come on... don't feel shy. I'm your aunty only da..." she said and then pushing my hands back, she pulled my shorts down. I was there standing before my aunty wearing just my underwear.

" Wash yourself, Praveen." Saying so, she turned on the shower.

Even as I was washing my body with water, she did the unbelievable thing. There, right before me, in the bathroom, she started removing her dress. I was dumbstruck by her act. First she yanked her flour-covered sari that was tucked up at her hips and then pulled off her sari from her shoulders, showing me her full blouse-covered breasts. She was wearing a red blouse inside and a back bra. The outlines of her bra were clearly visible.

Then she pulled her sari from her hips. She was wearing a brown petticoat inside. Within a fraction of second she pulled the knot of her petticoat and it fell to her knees. Her panties were tight enough outlining her cunt curves. Or may be her cunt lips were so big that they were tight inside her panties. She unhooked her blouse buttons and then snapped off her bra in one move releasing her gorgeous breasts out.

'WHAM!' her breasts jutted out as she removed her bra. She didn't remove hr panties. Without caring about me, she took a mug full of water and started pouring on herself.

My heart was thumping hard, seeing my 24 yr old Anandhi aunty nude except for the panties. My tongue went dry. I was awestruck. Her breasts were the size of a tennis ball hanging out of her body. Her areolas were coin sized and brown in colour with the nipples peeking out. Still though large, her breasts were firm and were not hanging loose! Water was dripping like a stream from both her nipples. Her panties were fully wet now showing off her black pubic hair on her cunt.

Taking the soap in her hand, and then giving a don't-see-like-that smile she moved towards me and soaped my chests. This act of hers, made her breasts to dance in frenzy. She dint say a word. And I couldn't say a word. She finished off soaping my chest and then giving the soap to me, asked me to soap her back. Her white coloured fleshy buttocks were straining out of her panties, and it made a shiver run through my spine. Reluctantly I took the soap and smoothed it over her back.

"Mmm..." she moaned and then guided me to soap more... " This side... mmm...yes... little bit down..." she was saying. I moved my hands down to her thighs and this time again my hands slipped in between her thighs. She let out a moan again, saying "Not now, Praveen..." Then, abruptly she asked me to stop and taking a towel that was hanging to her side, she towelled herself.

"Take bath fast and come out soon..." turning her back to me she slipped her panties out of her legs, showing me her full buttocks. She was fully nude now without a single piece of dress on her. She threw her panties to the corner of the bathroom and then as if not doing anything she opened the door and wake out nude, towelling her hair..

The bathroom was not an attached one and it was nearly 15 feet away from the house in the back. It was a open space and she was walking kinkily fully nude in the open space, beads of water on her nude shoulders and back shining like pearls. Beads of water glistened as the sunrays reflected on them. I saw her going into the bedroom and then asking me to come fast. As I turned back I saw her small panties rolled up on the corner of the floor. Reluctantly I took her panties and smelled them. I was fully engulfed in the smell of her cunt that was in her panties, that I lost time.

"I knew you would do that..." my aunty was standing there at the door of her bathroom, grinning at me. Even now she was wearing only a white bra and a pair of green panties, or I thought so, because, the nightie she was wearing was showing off everything inside as if she wasn't wearing any outer garments..

She turned back and then went inside the house. I towelled myself and followed her. I changed my dress, put on a fresh T-shirt and shorts and towelling my hair, when she again came in.

"Do you want any snacks?" she asked me and I didn't answer her question.

When she didn't get any answer from me, she again smiled at me asked, " Hey, Praveen, didn't you ever see a girl nude?"

"No..." I said in a feeble voice. Her next question bowled me out. "Didn't you ever have sex with a girl?"

"No... aunty..." I blushed.

" Don't worry. No problem. I'll teach you." She said smiling at me.

"Aunty..." I gasped.

"Relax Praveen... I'm your aunty. There's nothing wrong in learning such important things from your aunty. I'll finish over the cooking and lets start it after." She said and went off. My heart was thumping hard for the next half an hour till she called me from her bedroom.

I went in and she was sitting cross-legged on the bed.

"Come and sit here", she said, patting the bed on her side.

"Remove your dress first." She said.

She herself moved out of the bed and them helped me to remove my dress. She pulled my underwear too and I became fully nude before her. The thought, that I was nude and standing before my aunty hardened my penis. It was semi-erect now. She smiled at me seeing my penis.

"You have to do a lot of things even before you actually start having sex. Start with massaging the breasts, even with the dress on. Massaging the breasts with the dress on would arouse any girl, even if she's unwilling she would fall to you within seconds if you massage her breasts."

"Now... hold my breasts and massage them..." she took my hands and then placed them on her nightie covered breasts.

Slowly, I touched and caressed her breasts and then started kneading them. She let out a feeble moan, "Yes...".

"Unzip and remove my dress..." she said. So I unzipped her nightie.

"Never allow a girl to undress on her own. You start removing her dress. Your finger on her naked body could do magic..." she was teaching me.

"I snapped her bra and the pulled off her panties from her hips revealing her hairy cunt. That was the first time I was seeing her cunt, covered full of thick hairs. She paced my hand on her pubis and let out a moan. Her cunt was steaming hot!

"Come on... hold my breast and knead them..." she said catching hold of her breasts. I held her soft mounds and then kneaded them.

The instant urge in me made me to bring my head down to her breasts and without instruction, I started licking her nipples. I kissed them one by one and then licked them to feel the coolness of her bare skin. Her breasts were firmer now. With each lick she was letting out a distinct sound like, "Oooh...ahhh...yes... lick them...yes... suck them ahh...yes... ahh.. amma.. yes...." She was making all sorts of sounds.

At one moment she asked me to bite her breasts and nipples. "Ahh... mmm...kadi da. Palla vachu kadi. Kaamba kadi... ssss....ahhh...nalla kadi...valikra mathiri kadi..." (Bite...use your teeth and bite. Bite the nipples... bite more... I should feel the pain...)

Her dirty words were turning me on and my penis was now fully erect. Suddenly she gripped my penis with her sweaty hands.

She was lying with her back on the bed and I was on her side biting her nipples. She then stood up and then making me to lie on my back. Spreading my thighs she bent before my legs and then started kissing and licking my penis along the shaft.

After some considerable licking she again turned to her back on to me and then asked me put her legs on my shoulders. I balanced her legs along the knees on my shoulders. She held my penis on hands and then positioned it in front of her cunt. It was the first time I saw her cunt closely. It was full of hairs with large cunt lips. Her vulva was reddish in colour. She parted her cunt hair and then placed my penis on her cunt.

"Push it..." she said and I slowly inserted my penis into her throbbing cunt. It was hot and slippery.

I slowly pushed my penis and felt her vulva engulf my penis. It didn't go well after some extent due to the roughness.

"Push it hard inside, Praveen..." Anandhi aunty was moaning aloud now.

With one push my penis went to the end and touched what I think, her vagina. "Ooooooah...." She gasped.

After that, there was rhythmic fucking. With every push she let out a moan.

"Amma... ahhh...yesss... ahhh...push... ahhh... don't stop... push... faster...faster... pinch my nipples...aah ..." she was shouting aloud.

"Mmmmmmph...mmmph... ooooah...ammmma..." it continued.

After fifteen minutes of continuous fucking, she was groaning and then crying out. Still she beckoned me not to stop. I was half-tired and sweat was running over our naked bodies in spite of the fan running.

I further increased the tempo, and she was bucking and matching my fucking.

Suddenly she cried out aloud and I felt her cunt gripping my penis, in one long pulse and there I knew she had reached the orgasm. Her cunt continued to convulse and tighten, and within seconds I came over with my orgasm, with my hot cum oozing out into her cunt.

Her cunt juice over flowed with my cum and was running along the sides of her thighs, making a stain on the bed.

She kissed me fully on my lips, sucking my tongue out of my mouth. It was my first full lip kiss along with my first fuck. The kiss itself made me feeling kinky and giddy.

We embraced each other amidst fast breaths and my penis with still hard. Slowly we went into slumber sleep.

She waked me up after two hours. She was by my side fully naked and hugging me. At that moment only I was made sure that everything that happed was real.

She got up out of the bed and walked naked into the kitchen.. I heard her work with the vessels and later I heard her calling me to come for lunch. I searched for my dress but could find only a towel, which I wrapped around myself.

As I entered the hall where the food is usually served, Anandhi aunty was there sitting on the floor. She was buck-naked at that time too. She was sitting cross-legged on the floor ready to serve food for both of us.

" Why do you need that towel, Praveen?" she asked.

"Aunty..." I groaned as I blushed.

"Practice yourself to be naked when you are alone in the house, it would get rid of your shyness. And here afterwards don't call me aunty... call me Anandhi..." she said smiling at me.

Then she pulled off my towel making me naked. I was made to sit on the floor and we both finished our lunch.

As we finished off our lunch, she asked, "What about a matinee before your uncle comes..." again a smile.

" We'll go about a quickie..." she said pulling me on to the bed.

This time I dint give up and matched her strength. Overcoming my fear and shyness, I fucked her out of her life.

"God! Praveen... you learn fast... she commented, as she was kissing me five minutes later.

"You bring me more fantasies..." I said to her.

"What fantasies... I'll make them come true..." she grinned at me.

"I want fuck all my four aunties at the same time... with your help even if anyone doest agree... I want to rape her..." I spurted out.

"You naughty... don't worry... we'll make it happen." She said with a sheepish smile on her face. That's the next part...

I ended my first day fucking, by kissing her cunt.

I was dead tired on that day after fucking Anandhi aunty. I slept for the whole evening only to wake up for dinner with uncle. Uncle had returned from work. All through the dinner, aunty was giving a wicked smile at me.

Late at night, before going to sleep, I went to unload my bladder and aunty was in the backyard washing the utensils. As she saw me come, he hiked up her sari more, up to her hips to show off her cunt and buttocks, while at the same time washing the utensils. The sight of aunty doing housework half naked, made my penis rock hard. Seeing myself handling my rod, she whispered in my ear, "Don't waste those precious drops, and give me a facial."

So as I started cumming, I went to her. Halfway through her work, with a utensil in hand, she showed her face up and poured all my hot cum all over her face. She licked her face and said good night. I came back to the bedroom, thinking what's more in the store from my kinky aunty. Only later the following day, I knew, she dint even wash her face, will she finish doing her utensils half-naked.

* * * * *

(To be continued...)

Hi, friends... sorry for having kept your fingers crossed. I couldn't get a nice theme to write on and didn't get time in all these days... anyway, I'm back... to quench all your thirst. The above story was based on an idea sent by one of you through ur comments and mail. Thanx a lot. It was really hard to write on a guy's point of view. But I think I have passed. Have I? Do sent ur comments ok? Bye till then, from Saranya.

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