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Marrying Brother Ch. 07

The celebrations were over, but there was still one thing to do before going back to Chennai. Visiting the temple and do the pujas for Preethi's baby, as it was her very first one.

It was just like my experience. New mothers were not allowed. Preethi had to stay back and so did I with a promise from dad that we both will be visiting our family temple. Remembering that temple brought back memories of my first experience with Karthik.

I had said to Preethi about that and now she wanted to do it with Karthik. But Dad didn't allow us to go alone with Karthik. He took the car and all four of us, me, Preethi, Karthik and Dad went to the temple together.

It was the same old sunset, which is so beautiful just like the previous year and the so memorable as it was the previous time. I made sure that I'll keep dad by my side so that Preethi and Karthik can have their time together at the temple.

They have already seen each other naked in that train trip to home. So it is only a matter of time since they both fucked each other. And it had been a long wait for the new lactating mother, Preethi.

I pulled dad to my favourite place near the lake and we sat down for talk, thinking about the good old days when I was in school when I came here with dad.

"So what do you think of me dad? Am I a good mother?" I asked dad.

"Yes, you are Anju." He kissed at my forehead.

"Hmmm... Nowadays, I feel very bad, dad" I said to him.

"Why? What happened?" he asked me.

"I don't know dad, sometimes, I feel like Sri has lost interest in me." I said.

"Come on, don't feel that way." He said.

"The other day, I caught him having sex with somebody else. But later he said sorry, and I just let go off it. Do you think what I did was right?" I asked him.

"Sometimes, people do make mistakes, at that time, the best thing to do, is to forgive. I think what you've done is right." He said.

"What do you think of incest, dad? I asked him.

"Why are you talking such things??" he questioned me.

"Just say it dad, you're the only person I can talk to, now." I said.

"It isn't fully bad, but it is bad." He said.

"Isn't relationships created by man?? Having sex within the family wasn't bad before there were relationships, right?" I asked him.

"Yes..." he was thinking.

"May be incest is a very normal thing to do, if there weren't any relationships now..." I was pulling him along.

He was silent.

"Because, the girl Sri was having sex with was actually Preethi. That's why I've been thinking, is it right or wrong, if we just get along and do things based on our feeling rather than rules." I said.

"Sometimes, the most loved people are those inside the family, and at that situation, having sex with someone within the family isn't wrong." Dad said.

"Have you ever thought of having sex with anyone other than mom, dad? I asked him.

"To be frank, Yes! I did."

"Who is that woman?"

He was silent for a moment and then answered. "I think it is time, I should share the secrets after keeping them for nearly 25 years. Promise me that you wouldn't say it to anyone. Okay?? Not even to Sri?"

"Don't worry about Sri, dad. He's not even close to me nowadays." I avoided an answer. 'Of course, I'll be sharing it with Preethi.' I enjoyed sharing these little family secrets with her.

"Okay. You know, Sri's mom is actually my sister. I actually married your mom and her brother married my sister, your aunt. Something happened and we all ended up having sex the wrong way, within the family."

"That means you and your sister??"

"Yes, me and your aunt and your mom with ur uncle. This went on for three years, and both your mom and aunt gave birth to three kids each. Till date, we don't know whose babies all six of you are."

"Do you mean to say that all six of us may be brothers and sisters one way or the other??" I asked dad.

"Yes." He said.

'Oh my god! This is awesome bad, kinky and out of the world. This means, Preethi at this moment, is now fucking Karthik inside the temple, without even knowing he may be her younger brother.'

The reality made me horny in fact.

"Then why did you allow me to marry Sri and Preethi to Arvind??" I asked him again.

"Well, we parents thought, it is okay as long as no one knows outside. Besides, even you kids don't know till now, did you?"


"Oh my God" I exclaimed mockingly. "Don't you think it is wrong to have kids with Sri, even though he may be my brother?"

"As long as no one knows I think it is okay." He said as a matter of fact.

"What about you dad? Then does it mean that it is okay for your daughter to have your baby as long as no one knows??" 'Hmmm at last I hit the bull's eye.'

"No Anju, I'm not saying it that way."

"Come on dad, you said, sex within the family is okay, having kids from my brother is okay, how does sex with you become wrong? Haven't you ever thought about me sexually?? Say it from the heart dad. There is no one here. It is just you and me."

"Well, then, yes, I've indeed thought about you sexually. Every dad does think of his daughter sexually one day or the other in his life."

"A number of times??" I asked him.

"Yes, a number of times", he blushed. "From the day you came off age, actually."

"Does mom know this? What did she say?"

"Yes! Mom knows this. She said, don't think of your daughter. If you want, think of me as your daughter and fuck me. And I did that. Many a times, I felt very horny when you used to lie on my lap like you do now..." he said.

"Hmmm.... Do you feel horny now, dad??" I asked him. My head was on his lap and I slowly nudged his groin with my nose.

"Nooo... yesss.." he gasped.

"How long did you want to have sex with me, dad? For 10 years now??"

"Yess... I remember you as a school girl, wearing those uniform shirts and skirts. I wish I could see you again in your school uniform, innocent and hot! I don't remember how many times I jerked myself off thinking of having sex with you."

"Do you want to have sex with me, now??"

"We cant do that now. You have grown-up. You are married. You've got kids." He said.

"Its okay dad. I think it is okay, after what Sri did to me."

"What if Preethi and Karthik come now?" he asked.

"Don't worry about them dad." I said to him. "Don't worry about others. Kiss me dad. Kiss your daughter. Undress your daughter, make me naked as you dreamed for years and have sex with me now, right here. I want my third baby to be my daddy's baby!" I said.

He held my face up and planted a kiss on my lips. The next moment we were wild and frenzy, as our tongues played with each other. I felt my dad, kneading my milk-filled breasts.

I was breathing fast and we both were panting as we parted from the kiss. "Mmmmm.. Oh god, dad, this is sooo good" I moaned.

Dad made me site beside him and pulled the saree off my shoulders and let it down. "Do you want to remove your dress fully??" he asked.

"Yes dad, make me naked, fully. I want you to see me like in the day I was born; I want you to hold me like your baby." I said panting.

I just couldn't control my breath. I was excited.

I lifted my hips up a little so that he could undo the folds of my saree at my hips and remove it fully. As I was lactating, my breasts started leaking and it started to show as far as my blouse. I remembered the last time with Karthik.

"You are leaking." Dad pointed out.

"Yes dad. Do you like to suck your daughter's milk pots?" I asked.

"Yes, very much. When Sri were born, me, ur mom and ur uncle all of us used to suck my sisters breasts"

'Oh my god. I was imagining things, with my aunt being naked and three people suckling her breasts madly.' It was exciting. I was getting hot. I could feel the juices seeping along my cunt.

Dad grabbed my blouse-covered breasts with his hands and kneaded them for a while. The blouse got more wet from my breastmilk. My bra would have been soaking wet inside my blouse now.

He slowly undid the buttons of my blouse and then unhooked my wet pregnancy bra. My breasts immediately juggled out of the restraints. They were sticky with breastmilk, with drops of milk leaking out of my nipples.

"Lift your hips. Let me remove your petticoat." he said, and I lifted my hips as he undid the knots on the sides of my petticoat. He pulled them out along my ankles and I was now wearing only my panties.

The last piece of covering was gone too in the next few moments and I was buck naked. I felt some sort of freedom. I hate this, having have to undress and become naked every time to do sex. Why did men learn to make clothes, we could have just roamed around the world naked. Gone to work, gone to shopping, gone everywhere just naked.

Sometimes I get this dream about myself in a busy road, naked and everyone around me is naked too. Yes, we are rich, we are civilized, we wear shoes, ornaments, watches, handbags, and yet we don't wear any clothes. An office full of naked men and women, the buses and trains full of naked men and women, as if the whole world has become a nudist community!

But some other times, I felt this to be kinky too, to cover ourselves and to undress and reveal our naked assets only to our loved ones, like now to my dad. I felt my breasts twitch as my dad kissed my sensitive breasts.

"Dad, lets go inside the temple." I said.

He started to collect my saree and all my dresses. "No dad, leave them here. Just carry your naked daughter alone to the temple." I said. So, he left the dresses and scooped me with both his hands and walked to the temple. I gave a light kiss on his lips.

"I love you, dad" I said.

"I hope Karthik and Preethi doesn't know this."

"Know what?"

"This... father fucking his own daughter."

"Don't worry dad. I'm sure they both will be fucking each other like anything by now."

"What?" dad was stunned.

"Yes dad, Preethi wanted to have sex with Karthik for a long time."

"But she is married."

"So am I" I laughed. "Besides, they may be brother and sister. You only said that. That's fun as far as no one knows, isn't it?" I grinned.

"Where are they now?" he asked as I pushed open the temple door from outside.

Karthik and Preethi was shocked to see someone open the door. More, as in history, Karthik was on the floor and Preethi was on him, both of them being buck naked.

By their posture, I could see they were having a great time fucking each other. More, they were speechless to see me, without any clothes, clinging naked to my dad with my legs around his hips and my hands around his shoulders, whereas my dad at this moment was fully clothed.

Dad was stunned to see them both in that state too. There was an awkward silence for a moment. "Come on everyone, just continue. None of our secrets goes out of here. Okay?" I commanded.

"Hmmm... " karthik moaned and Preethi started riding his cock again.

Dad let me down and we hugged each other tightly for a few moments, what seemed like years. He nudged his nose playfully with mine and played with it just like he used to when I was little school going girl. It used to be very funny, tickling and enjoyed those loving moments with dad. Then it was pure daughter to father love and no incest.

Now it was completely different. It was so sweet and sexy to do that with my own father that too when I'm his grown up daughter hugging him while being naked.

Slowly I let my hands behind his back inside his shirt and started feeling his huge manly back. He gasped as I played with his back. I undid the buttons of his shirt one by one and he showed off his hairy chest to me.

There is something in old guys I thought. With dad, when I thought of his mature body, hairy chest, huge hands, they turned me on like anything, and I felt my juices flowing along my inner thighs along the lines of my little hairs on my thighs.

"Hmm.. Anju...." He was moaning as he heard me unzip his pants and let me hand inside his fly, cupping his nuts and dick together with his underpants.

I loved doing this always... fiddling with men's underpants while letting my hand inside through the fly of the pants. That gets them horny like hell. They can't see what I'm doing; they can just feel my playing with their privates.

Dad started losing his senses, and was slipping into his own world of dreams. I unbuttoned his pants and let them fall at his ankles. Holding my shoulders he stepped out of them and stood in his underpants.

Kneeling below I could see him as a huge man, huge body, with a mature look, hairs all over his body, the classic 'daddy'.

I moved closer to his knees even while kneeling and with my naked nipples brushing his legs, I kissed on his underpants, the place where his rock hard rod made a huge tent.

I grabbed his underpants by the side of his hips and lowered them a bit below his balls, and just let it stay there. His penis jutted out and sprang up hitting my face. Holding his ass cheeks tightly and giving them a good squeeze, I slowly brought my lips near the tip of his penis and kissed on the edge.

"Ohhhh... Anju..." he gasped as I did that.

I stripped his underpants all the way down and made him buck naked. It felt so incestuous to be naked in front of him being her married daughter. It didn't feel so immense with either of my brothers even though it was incestuous too.

Now, with my own father, I felt so shy, so horny, and so wanting. It was dad in front of me, the same old dad who had made me in the first place. The same dad who lusted on me even since I officially became woman. Now here he was naked in front of me, wanting me to make his dreams come true for real.

I put my hands on hips lowering him to my eye length and then made him kneel in front of me. I saw him right into his eyes, those eyes filled with full of lust and nothing else at that moment.

He brought his ands over my face and holding it up, kissed me on my lips, slowly devouring those soft juicy flesh deliciously. I lost my mind as I felt the flavour and sweetness of that kiss. I was groping his back hard and played with his hard ass cheeks, digging them with my nails.

My eyes wandered the room as I came out of that trance.

There was a milk container with Preethi's breast milk half filled in it. "Seems you guys have got the milk too." Saying so, I took a sip out of the container." "Hmmm Preethi, your milk tastes good." I said with a wink.

Dad, looked at me questioningly. And I explained to him. "Its like this dad, Karthik loves to milk our breasts just like people milking the cows. It is a nice experience for us girls. We love it."

"Do you want me to do it for you too, now?" dad asked.

"Yes dad, if you want. But now first suckle my breasts and drink as much milk as you want from your daughter." I said.

In that small room, there was enough space for more than two people as I said before. I lied down and dad started licking and sucking my breasts, tasting my milk. 'I guess this place would hold five couples at a time.' I thought to myself. Even the thought of that made me horny and I moaned in excitement.

The room was filled with loud suckling sounds and slapping sounds as Preethi rode Karthik. Every time, she move up and down and hit his groin, she let out a small moan and that was followed by a 'cluck cluck' from their thighs. The mood was sexy and electric.

Then as dad finished drinking my milk, we changed positions. Dad laid beside his son and I moved above him spreading my legs on both my sides. With the container on his stomach, he started to milk the remaining of my milk from both my breasts. The milk frothed in the container and made a whirring sound as it hit the container.

Obviously, having grown up in a small town, dad had a good experience in milking cows and now, milking women. I had more plans for this milking job from now on.

Meanwhile I got hold of his thick cock and massaged it. It wasn't that long as Karthik's cock, yet, it was the widest, thickest cock, in my four-cock experience so far. No wonder it will check the elasticity of my cunt, the maximum level my cunt can expand sideways.

The container was almost full with milk. "Next time, we should bring a spare one." I said aloud. Karthik Preethi laughed hearing that. As dad finished milking me, I was tired at my breasts. I felt as though some golden melons were weighing down my chest.

Hmm.. having continuously sucked and milked for more than a year, I felt my breasts to have grown larger. 'When I get to my fifth baby, I guess, I'll become mom's envy' I thought to myself.

My breasts were sore and red. Yet, dad was kneading them, softly now. I lifted my hips and lowered myself holding his cock, positioning it to go into my cunt and then lowered myself on it, little by little. I love riding cock. The reason why women love being on the top is we can control the pace of sex at this position.

And it brings you into command. You can stop, start, play whenever you want. I, especially love grinding on the groins. You can milk the cock with your cunt muscles and ring men to their edge. There is a lot you can do on top of men. And I love doing that to the core.

Making men feel special is after all the best thing women can do.

Slowly and steadily I moved up and down and varied the speed giving pleasure to both of us. Dad was gasping now, as I lowered my cunt to the hilt, as both our groins grinded against each other, as his hard cock scraped and rubbed the side walls of my cunt, giving me intense sensations which I haven't felt before.

I could feel his cock, stretching my cunt sideways. 'Oh my god,what I thought was true.' I could feel the stretching enormously. Four cocks so far, and each of them giving pleasure in a different way. "Oh my god" I gasped aloud, thinking of that.

'If four cocks can give four different pleasures, I think thousand cocks will give thousand different ways of pleasure. Each cock is unique. No cock is the same. I wish I could fuck different men everytime I have sex in my life' Shit! I was thinking like a slut.

Then I remembered something; what Karthik said when he was ramming me at the men's room in the marriage hall an year back during Preethi's marriage.

Now I wanted to try out more things. I wanted to feel how it would be to get fucked by hoards of men one by one or even two at a time, in both my holes, for a whole day, making me crying in pleasure and soreness and pain.

'Extreme sex, to the extent that, I can't even whimper while I go back home.' Will I pass out after such a sex? I don't know. But I wanted to try it out.

By now, Preethi and Karthik were moaning and gasping aloud, as they were uphill towards the crescendo of orgasm. Hearing that, even dad was matching the speed of my ride, lifting his hip and ramming me hard from the bottom.

There we were, two women buck naked, inside a temple of god, unscrupulously sitting on men, riding cocks incestuously and with that feeling driving all of us mad, we went on and on, sweating, panting, gasping, moaning, squealing, muffling, all the way to the end of what seemed like eternity.

Then, as they finished Preethi cuddled on to Karthik as they rested against the wall watching me fucking my own dad. Karthik was playing with Preethi's sore nipples now. I was slowly increasing my pace of my ride.

"Isn't it wrong to have sex with your own dad, akka??" Preethi asked with a wide grin.

"Isn't it wrong to have sex with your cousin, Preethi??" I asked her back rhetorically. "Besides, I don't care, as long as he fucks me good. And believe me, he is doing greater than good!" I said laughing. Dad too laughed with me.

"May be I'll get a chance later some day, too? Is it okay, uncle?" she asked dad. 'Not uncle, may be dad' I thought of correcting her, but didn't. I laughed to myself. Dad saw me laughing too, in that darkness.

Preethi then moved away from being the entwined cuddly sweet lover, and crawling near me, she bent and kissed the crevice of my ass cheeks that were helping me grip dad's cock with my cunt.

It was such a feeling that made me quiver and I squeezing all ass cheeks with all the force I could muster, thereby milking his cock harder than before.

"Oh my god.." dad gasped and panted and I pulled his hands over his daughter's naked natural breasts signaling him give them a squeeze. And he did just that, as an experienced lover, gently squeezing the mounds of my hardened breasts and twirling my nipples.

The sexual tension was building up and up on me as Preethi kissed and licked my bare back with her lips and tongue, lapping wetness on my skin making it glisten in the light of the little oil lamps that were lit inside.

"Hmmm... I closed me eyes, pulled back my head resting it on my neck, enjoying that moment, relishing every sensation that my body was going through as the hotness of my dad's cock engulfed my inner cunt lips, while the wetness of licking on my back balanced that.

"Okay dad, we are going for it. Are you ready?"

"Yes Anju..." he said grabbing my velvety hips. I guided me up and down as I increased my pace. Faster, faster and faster. His cock was pistoning my cunt faster. "Cluck Cluck Cluck" again the same sound of pubes mashing against each other, while the cock hit the sloppy wet cunt that is filled wet with juices of sex.

And with a groan, he loaded his cum up into my cunt. I felt the hot liquid move up and flow down along the walls of my cunt, engulfing his cock inside.

It was an awesome sensation as I felt the spasms of my cunt with the hotness of the cum with the filling sensation of a cock inside me. It felt great every time I was on top of a man. The same sensation every girl will feel as a guy cums into her after she rides him from the top.

I slowed down and we both relaxed and I lied down on top of my father.

One moment, it made me think of those old days when I was just a kid and when he was just like every other father, when I just laid myself on top of him and just fell asleep watching TV after coming from school.

Those relaxing moments when you've got nothing to worry about, when your heart is filled with happiness for which you don't have a word to explain all that feeling.

I felt the same now as I laid myself above him. I still felt like a kid whom I'm not now, having mothered two kids. I could hear his heart beat hard and feel it on me. He embraced me and patted my naked back like the father he was, as I lay there after one good fucking session.

After sometime, his penis softly popped out of my cunt. "Shall we go home now?" Preethi asked.

"There is something more to do" Karthik said.

"Yes, the rituals." I said laughing.

"What's that?" She asked.

Without saying a word, I grabbed Preethi's hand and guided her to sit beside me in front of the idol in the room.

"Help me dad." Karthik called, and both of them grabbed the container of milk, pouring some over the idol of god and the remaining over Preethi and me.

"How do you feel?" I asked Preethi as both our milk dripped down our bodies.

"Hmmm.. More spiritual. I feel as if I'm close to god!" she said.

"Yes, I too felt the same the first time, like the wife of god, as though it was an act of purification, an act that was just meant to be done, like an order from God, after fucking my brother and now my dad." I said.

She hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks. "I love you akka." She said. We felt sticky of milk as we hugged each other.

"Come let's go out..." I grabbed Preethi's hand and pulled her out into the breeze, under the moonlight.

She was hesitating. I didn't feel anything closer to being ashamed, as I have done this already with Karthik before.

"It's okay. Just come with me. There is no one out." I said, and I pulled her. Slowly she walked hand in hand with me, naked. Karthik and dad followed behind.

"I love this walk." I said to Preethi. "Walking naked under the moonlight... It is so romantic. Do you feel it?" I asked her.

"Yes. I can feel it." She whispered, looking at the ripples of moonlight on the lake.

I put my hands around her hips. Karthik moved to her other side and dad to my left. There we were, four of us, naked men and women, forgetting the relationships, having enjoyed the moments just for the pleasure it gave.

There was no brother, no sister, no daughter, no father, no cousin, standing there. Just four lovers loving each other like anything. It was eternal. We were lost in the silence. No one spoke.

"Will you carry me, Karthik?? I'm feeling soooo tired" she blushed and melted in his arms. He quickly grabbed her and lifted her up so that her breasts would be in front of his face.

"Ewwww... You are indeed sticky with all that milk on you." he said and then continued, "But that means, I can lick those gorgeous milk-filled breasts of yours more." He then gave her breasts a nice lick with his tongue before lowering her down. She splayed her legs around his hips holding him tight, with her arms around his shoulders and kissed him on his lips.

"Do you want as well?" dad asked me softly, and then grabbed me, just like his son did with Preethi. We girls clung on to our lovers like there was no end for the night, watching the sensuous moonlight over the lake.

It would be pitch dark without the moon. The crickets were making screeching sounds in the far, and except that there was no sound, just the cool breeze rustling a few leaves on the trees.

"Okay, lets get back home, everyone" I said. 'More work to do' I whispered to Preethi. I saw a small smile on her face.

"Do you want to wash? I feel like hitting the lake. I feel sticky with all those milk. I also smell of milk" She said.

"No. Don't wash yourself. Wait till you get home. Just feel the smell of your own milk on your body. Enjoy it for some more minutes. Beside the water is freezing cold." I said.

We got down on our foot and walked slowly towards the temple, where all our dresses were.

"Let's pray before we dress." I said. And all four of us, prayed to god, naked.

Dad and son marked the foreheads of their respective lovers with saffron as a show of love.

We then dressed ourselves in the room. She helped me hook my bra in the back, as like a sister. So did I.

By this time, dad and Karthik were clothed and ready to start the car. "I don't feel like going back." Preethi was saying to me. "It is okay dear. I know how you feel." I said to her and gave her a kiss on her cheek. She kissed me back, but now we kissed on our lips.

"Hmmm... I felt very lesbian the next moment." The kiss lingered on and on as we both held each other tight and played with our tongues inside the temple.

We both panted hard as we parted from our kiss. Just as we were about to come out of the temple, she pulled my hand back inside.

"What, sweetie?" I asked.

"Just a minute. I want something from you." She said.

"Whatever you want..." I said.

She made me sit down before the idol, pulled my saree and petticoat back up to my hips and spread my legs to both sides. I was half-clad and was sitting in a eat-me-out position. My panties were already sticking to my groin because of the milk on my pubic hair and they were wet to some extent. She bent over my cunt, pulled my panties down to my thighs and then with her tongue, gave my hairy cunt a long full lick from bottom to the top, tasting my dad's cum along with our milk.

Just one lick and that was it. Nothing more. She just got up getting ready to go.

"That's it?" I asked her longingly.

"Yes. That's it." She smiled wickedly. "Enjoy that longing feeling till we go home." She said, and pulled me up from the floor and then helping me wear my panties back, and smoothen my crumpled saree and petticoat. We walked to the car, hand in hand, like little sisters.

I could still feel the sex in the car as we drove back home. Just a kilometer before the house, the car stalled.

"Okay. We girls will walk home. You guys fix the car and come home soon." I said to them and Preethi and Me started walking back home.

The house was silent as we entered it. "The babies would be sleeping I think" Preethi was whispering.

"I'll get some water." I said to her. She was following me to the kitchen. Just before the door, I stopped. I saw shadows inside. We pushed the door open slightly. "Oh my god." Preethi gasped softly. I sushed her.

"I'll take care of this. You go to your room." I sent Preethi to her room. Then I opened the kitchen door fully and walking.

There on the kitchen table was mom, sitting on it, almost fully clothed, but her saree hiked up to her thighs. It was so kinky to see her that way. Not for a long time, I've seen her that way.

Standing in front of mom was Sri, my hubby, hugging her tight. one of his hands was groping mom's saree covered buttocks and the other was sliding along her naked thighs.

They couldn't utter a word seeing me. "Shhh.. Don't say anything both of you. Its okay." I said with a smile.

"I'm sorry Anju" mom said slowly.

"Shh.. its okay mom. I don't mind." I said to her. "Everyone is going to be home in a few minutes. Shall we do this later?" I said.

"Do you mean to say that it is okay for me to do this with your mom?" Sri asked in a husky voice.

"Yess... its okay. But not now. Later. Okay?" I grabbed his hands. He started walking with me.

"Wait a minute. Can I kiss your mom? Just once please?" he asked.

I thought and nodded. The next moment, like parted lovers interrupted from a frantic kiss, Sri and mom hugged each other tightly as he smooched her lips.

'Oh my god.' It was so erotic. There I was standing, watching my husband kissing my own mom, on her lips as he kneaded her huge breasts right in front of my eyes.

"I love you." Mom said to him as they parted after a long kiss.

"You too," she came to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheeks.

"You smell differently." She said to me.

"It's the milk, mom." I said. "Where are the babies?"

"In your room."

And I walked away with Sri along, thankful that mom didn't find my secret as I had found out hers.


I got a number of feedbacks on lactating sessions. And therefore here you go, with more kinky stuff as the plan gets extended. Hope you loved it. As always leave me feedback and suggestions if something wasn't that good. Thank you again. To be continued...

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