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Marrying Brother Ch. 05

We slept naked together till evening when the family was back from the temple. I was a bit angry with them for not letting me go to temple with them. Then mom said, it was really a long journey and a new mother like me shouldn't take her chances. May be I could go to the nearby Ganesha temple.

"Ma.. Its not even a temple. It's just a tree with a idol housed in a room beneath it. Also, it is very isolated. I can't go alone in this evening" I was saying.

"May be you could take Arvind with you."

On hearing that my cunt twitched. "Ok. If he wants to come." I said.

But surprisingly, he said, he can't come with me. He actually had an arrangement to take Preethi out that night.

Then, my younger brother, who is 18, whispered something on mom's ears. After that mom said, "Well, then you can go with Karthik." Now that I had my head into it, I can't back out, saying, I can go only with the eldest brother and not with the younger.

Karthik had his own 50cc two-wheeler. I hopped on to the back and he started the ignition.

"The road is bumby akka. Hold on to my waist." He was saying. And so I did.

We were halfway to the temple. We were both silent. "So, I've haven't seen a long time after you marriage. How is life akka??"

"It's going good da. How are you?" I asked him.

"Hmmm... I will be moving out of college hostel in a couple of months, four months to be exact. I thought may be I could join you at Chennai."

"But, it is a very small house da. Already four of us are staying there." I was saying.

"Akka... what? Don't you know anything at all that happens in our house? May be you are too busy in some other things." He was teasing.

"Why? What happened?"

And suddenly, the tired screeched and came to a halt as he braked precariously before a pot hole in the middle of the road. The force made me move front in one full motion and my breasts smashed against his back fully. I held him more tightly now with my breasts sandwiched on his back so that I wouldn't fall off the motorcycle.

"Sorry akka. I didn't notice it."

"It's okay." I was saying. Yet, the feeling of my breasts smashing against my brother's back made me a bit horny.

He continued to ride. We reached the temple. I finished my prayers. Then we took a walk along the small lake that was beside the temple. It was still evening. The sun hadn't set yet. It was so serene and beautiful to watch the sun set behind the orange sky. It was so romantic. I was longing for Sri to feel my throbbing cunt or was it Arvind. I don't know, I just wanted to feel some one at my crotch. My hand involuntarily went to my groins.

My thought was disrupted by Karthik.

"Hmm.. what was I saying? Yes... both, dad and uncle (Sri's dad) have bought you a new house in Chennai as a gift for your little girl. It is a huge four-bedroom one. I'm not supposed to say this to you. It has to be a secret. Don't let anyone know that you know this." He was saying.

"Oh my god... is it really??" I was indeed surprised. It was so good of my parents and in-laws to give us a new house. "Then, I think we can have you in our house." I said thoughtfully.

"Oh... thank you very much akka." He hugged me tightly.

"Oh my god..." he said.

"What happened?" I was asking.

"Your... Your saree is stained..." he was pointing to the part of my saree, covering my breasts.

"Oh no... not now..." I said disappointingly. My horny feeling had made my breasts leak, staining my bra, my blouse and now, the milk is seeping thru the saree that it is more visible on the outside. I was blushing.

"I can't go home with this." I was almost crying.

"Well, you can wait till the night, may be..." he was suggesting an idea. Somehow that idea reminded me of Arvind on the night we came back from the market; the night I gave him a nice blowjob in the car.

So, we both sat beside the tree watching the sun set.

"Does this happen very often, akka?" he was asking.

I was in my own thought that I didn't grasp what he said. "What? What were you asking?" I asked him back.

"Well, I asked whether this happens often. This stains on your saree..."

"No. Usually, the baby would have the milk. It has been almost a day since I gave milk to the baby, since you guys went to the temple. It pains if you don't give milk for a long time, as it gets settled there. And then it starts leaking." I was explaining.

"Does it pain now? How do you get rid of this pain?" he was asking with interest now.

"Yes, it does pain now. Hope I get home soon. It will be okay if I get the milk out."

"But, what if the baby is not hungry or asleep?

"Then, I need someone to help me out. Like Sri, sucking them out."

"I think we should go home soon then." He was saying as a matter of fact.

"Nooo.. how could we go now... I'm all stained. All the people's eyes on the town will be on me only." I said.

"What can we do then?" he said thinking. "May I suggest you an idea?" he asked.

"What do you have?" I asked him.

"If it is okay for you, may be I can help you to get the milk out, just for now, I mean. I can suck the milk out for you, if it is okay with you." He suggested. Well, he is bolder than Arvind, I thought.

I didn't know, if he was genuinely caring or if he was just making that up to get a taste of my breasts. I didn't care. Cos, I was horny.

"Its okay, but we can't do this here. I mean, we need to get in somewhere so that people wouldn't notice." I said.

"Hmm... yes.." he was thinking. "I've got an idea." Saying so, he grabbed my hand, went to the temple door and unlocked it with the key. It is our family temple, so not much people come there and our family had the keys. He asked me to get into the Garba Graha (Sanctum Sanctorum).

'Oh my god! Is he going to suck my breasts inside the temple of god? Am I going to be naked inside the sacred room??' I was thrilled. My heart started to beat faster.

"Karthik, is it okay to do this inside the temple?" I asked him just for the sake of asking.

"It's just a temporary solution. Besides it is our god. I'm doing it for good only. Its okay I think." He said and took hold of my hand pulling me behind the huge ganesha idol.

The room, as usual was dark, with oil lamps on both sides. It was giving a spiritual feel as the scent of the garlands made of rose and Jasmine decorated the idol. The floor was filled with rose petals, new and old, that came off the garlands. There was more than enough space for two of us to stretch behind the God's idol.

He carefully locked the door from inside, and then asked me to sit behind the idol. This was making me secretly very horny. I could feel myself being wet between my thighs. My cunt was indeed flowing with juices now.

"Are you just going to sit there, thinking of something??" he was asking me. 'Damn! I heard this somewhere before. Yes, I was saying this same words to Arvind, the first time, I was about to fuck him. Now my youngest brother was saying this to me.'

Now the accumulated milk on my milk pots made it increasingly paining for me, also leaking much more as I was much hornier than minutes before. My saree had two huge stains just outside my breasts. If I don't do something about it now, my saree would look a whole lot messier when I get home.

So, I pulled my saree off my shoulders as I sat cross-legged in the house of God. I had a look at my blouse. It looked much worse than my saree, as it had stained a lot. When I glanced at Karthik, I could see him gasp and his pants making a tent.

"I guess, my bra would be fully soaked with milk by now..." I was saying to myself, loud enough for him to hear, which made him twitch, as I ripped off my blouse from my shoulders. Usually I don't remove my blouse to feed my baby. But now, I felt like being naked before my brother wantonly. I could see his hands hovering over his rock-hard dick inside his pants.

"Are you okay?" I asked him.

"I'm okay. It is just that I got a bit excited," he was frank enough to say that to me. 'He is not at all like Arvind. May be I should've tried this stud first.' I thought to myself. But he is only 18.

"It's okay to feel that way. You can let it out if you feel uncomfortable holding it inside." I was saying.

And he did. He unzipped his pants, pushed his briefs aside and letting out his monster cock. It was huge. It was hard. It was thick. It was curved like banana. And it was throbbing. I panted.

But it was time to make my move in this lets-see-who-is-better kind of session. My bra was indeed soaked fully with my milk and sweat. He could make out my areola and nipples inside my wet sticky white bra even in that glimmering light from the oil lamps.

I unhooked the bra and released my mammoth breasts. I was naked up from the hips. The mangalsutra and a gold chain graced my cleavage. The gold ear drops were twinkling in the light. My bangles were making a clanking sound every time I moved my hands.

My milk pots jumped out longing for hold. They were hard and red, with milk peeping out of my nipples.

"It is indeed paining. You are going to have a whole lot of work to do." I grinned at him.

He moved to my lap like a baby and holding my right breast with his hands, he started suckling it vigorously. The milk was just starting to flow. I was feeling a sense of relief. The moment I felt his mouth on my nipples, I felt a gush of juices flowing along my thighs. Then he stopped. He moved out.

"What happened?" I asked him.

"I can't do it like this. My neck is paining. Is it okay for you to lie down?" he asked me. 'This is getting better and better, much like a real fuck', I thought.

I lied down on my back. He moved beside me and then holding my breasts with his palm, started sucking. But his shirt was giving me an uncomfortable feeling of he being fully clothed and me being naked.

"Can you take off your shirt? It hurts my skin." I said.

"Okay..." he undid the buttons of his shirts and revealed his naked chest.

"Boy, you look charming and sexy." I said to him. He indeed was. He was a sportsman; no wonder had a great masculine body even at that age of 18. I was 24. He is the most masculine person I've seen naked. Hmm... the comparison is getting much tougher now, as I compared him with both Arvind and Sri. I couldn't stop giggling.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Nothing, just continue..." I said to him. And he started sucking my breasts. I could feel the milk flow out. So were my juices. It was an amazing feeling to feel my body leaking sensuously at two places. My left hand was now inside my saree and petticoat, grazing along my panties.

Time passed. He didn't stop. Obviously, there was so much milk in my breasts. The pain had gone down and I was beginning to get much hornier. The room was hot, and I was sweating. I could feel him sweat too, as my right hand moved along the small of his hard back.

A lot of thoughts ran over my mind. Being sucked by both my brothers on the same day, the younger one, sucking me just after his elder brother. I was feeling like a slut. It is now getting deeper into the family. From nowhere, I felt the soreness of the ass fuck from the morning. My cunt was twitching and aching to get the same feel of my sore ass.

I was rubbing my panty/petticoat/saree-clad cunt fervently. He saw that too.

"I'll help you remove them. You'll feel more comfortable." He said, stopping his sucking act.

"Yess.... Pleasssssseeee... do it..." I was panting and almost moaning.

The anklets were making tinkling sounds as I stretched my legs. He moved to my legs and pulled my saree folds that were tugged along my hips. Then he carefully undid the knots of my petticoat, pulling it along with my wet panty in one swift movement.

I can't believe myself. I was now stark naked, lying horny inside a temple, which people think to be very sacred. He had a look at my glistening trimmed cunt, but then moved to start sucking my other breast.

"Wait a minute. Enough of milk sucking! Do you want to fuck me?" I asked as I got up and undid my plaited hair. Yes, I just asked just-like-that. He was so frank unlike his brother, and it is only a matter of time that he'd be suggesting that. Before that, I did.

"Yes, I want to." He said. There was no hesitation. There was no question, asking, I'm your brother, you're my sister, is it right to fuck the sister, all those blah-blah-blahs. We both knew, we wanted it badly now.

"Then, undress fully and lie on your back." I said to him, taking command. He was 18, obeyed his sister 6 years older than him, promptly doing what I said and lied down.

I spread my legs on his sides, sitting on his stomach. Slowly, I raised myself, grabbing his thick curved cock, positioning it to match my cunt lips. Then I lowered on him slowly. We both let out a gasp at the same time. His cock slowly started to slip inch by inch splitting my cunt. I could feel the hotness filling inside me.

His cock is so far the largest of all the three. And the curvedness made me feel as though a snake was sniveling into my cunt, making waves of passionate feelings. The curved cock head was scraping thru the walls of my cunt. I gasped and panted. So did he.

He grabbed both my breasts with his hands and gave it a tight squeeze. Immediately, milk squirted out of them splattering all over his sweaty body.

"Oh.. my god! This is fucking sexy." He was saying, as he milked my breasts.

Milk started to form a white puddle, filling his navel and his stomach.

"I don't want to waste this. He pulled out a small container that was at the closest corner of the room and placed it on his stomach, expertly milking my breasts into that container.

That made me even hornier. I started to move in rhythmic vertical movements doing my own milking thing with his cock. I felt his cock hit the wall of my cunt, edging into the vagina, and there was still more of it left outside.

"I'm sure you are going to fuck my vagina too..." I was saying to him in between our pants. Yes, as I painfully lowered myself fully, I could feel his cockhead in my vagina. I felt it filling up to my stomach.

By now the milk had stopped coming out of my breasts. The milk pots were empty. The container was almost full... almost a litre I think.

"Akka... I'm about to come..." even before he finished saying that, he groaned out aloud and his groan echoed as it hit the walls of that small steamy sacred room of god.

"Yes, me too." I said, as I panted, and felt rhythms of orgasm filling my body, making me shiver, as his cock throbbed and vibrated inside me.

Now again, I was imagining things. Now, I didn't want to have my second child from Arvind, but from my youngest brother, Karthik. Arvind got his chance already. I wasted to try something new. Besides, Karthik is so huge and good at fucking, better than both the men I've fucked before.

I was tired, and laid myself on his chest, with both my breasts mashing between our bodies. His cock was still inside my cunt. He put both his hands around my sweaty back, and we lay there entwined, for what seemed like eons.

"Oh no... I'm very tired. I could use some fresh air." I said kissing his cheeks and then getting up.

"Me too..." he said as he got up.

"My breasts are surprisingly feeling light. Thanks to you." I said.

He hugged my naked body giving me a kiss. "Thanks to you too... akka." He said.

I was about to dress myself, when he stopped me.

"Why?" I asked him.

"No, don't wear anything. Let's take a walk without our dresses. Let's take a naked walk around the lake."

"Oh no... I can't come naked. I feel very shy. What if someone sees us?" I asked him truly afraid.

"Its okay akka. Remember? This is our family temple. Besides, no one comes here, not at this time of the night. Come on. Take my hand. You'll feel good."

Just before we stepped out of the temple naked, we saw the container full of my breast milk.

"What are we going to do with that? I thought you were crazy when u did that. But I felt it was kinky too. I liked it." I was saying to him.

"Well, I've got an idea for that too." He said grinning. Boy, he surprises me more than Arvind.

"What is that?" I asked him.

"Just sit beside the god." He pulled me and made me sit beside the idol. I was naked and I was sitting beside god.

"Well, I feel as if I'm the wife of Lord Ganesha." I was saying.

"That's the point." He said and then grabbing the container. Then he poured some of the milk on the top of the idol doing an act of glorying the gods (It is called 'paalabishegam' in tamil).

"Wait, are you going to do this divine act on me with my own breastmilk??" even before I uttered those words, he did just that. He poured almost a litre of my milk over my head. The milk flowed all over my body, flowing along my cleavage and my cunt lips.

"You are my god now." He was saying.

"Oh my god... you are really crazy... I'm going to like you very much." Saying so, I got up, and tried to wipe the milk off my face and off my body.

"No... don't do that. Lets the milk drip off your body. Let it dry on its own as we take a walk along the lake."

"Are you going to make me walk naked with my milk dripping off my body? No way!"

But, minutes later, I was walking naked hand-in-hand with my brother, along the banks of the lake, wet and sticky with my own milk over my body. It wasn't cold, but the cool breeze made me move closer to his side as we walked. It was a moonlit night. Not many stars in the sky. Yet, it was good.

"You know what, akka? You really look like a goddess now." He said grabbing my breasts and kneading them as he kissed me on the mouth.

Slowly I pulled his hand from my breasts and placed it on my cunt.

"Wowww... it is real hot down there..." he was saying.

"I think I want to fuck you again." I whispered in his ears.

There we were, two naked people standing on the edge of a lake, where the moon shined on the waters, both hugging and kissing each other. It was so romantic. It was so sexy. It was so horny. It was outrageously wild. I didn't want that moment to pass.

"You know, what I think? I think we should head back home. It is getting very late. Besides, I'll be there in Chennai in a few months. We'll have a great time there. Okay??" he asked.

"Yes. I'll miss u very much till then. You are the most adventurous man I've ever met. Not even Sri, not even Arvind." I blurted out.

"What? You had sex with brother too??" he asked surprisingly.

"What? Did I say that?? Do you mind? Oh my god. Please don't say that to anyone... okay?"

"It's okay. I won't say it to anyone, as long as I get a good share of fucking with you." He grinned and then kissed me.

He then carried me back to the temple, where we dressed ourselves. I plaited my hair back. But it was tough to get back my make-up. I was feeling so slutty. I hoped no one would notice the change.

We were back on the two-wheeler, heading home. At one moment I thought why is this world like this? Why can't we girls marry our own brothers? We grow up with them, we love them so much, yet we need to marry someone else, whom we don't even know.

Why cant sex outside family be taboo. Then I thought, may be I can do that, bring up my own family so that we can keep sex within the family. May be I can, really.

Then I came back to my thoughts. I hugged him tightly as he drove us to our house. I love him so much.

"You know what? The baby I had now is actually, Arvind's daughter." I was saying.

"Woww... is it?" he asked.

"Yes... May be I should have my second baby from you." I said.

"May be, yes." He laughed. "We've got enough time for that."

Now, I really felt very close to him, more than Sri, more than Arvind. I wanted to share all my fantasies, all those thoughts of having it within the family and many more.

'Yes, we've got enough time...' I said to myself, as we reached home, and as I sneaked into my bath, without being noticed by anyone. And there it started, the plan for the whole family, raising a different family in years to come.

It was Karthik's choice to name the baby girl as Chitra. And we did name her that. Dad and uncle gave us the new house as a gift to Chitra. We, four of us, Me, Sri, Preethi and Arvind moved to the new house the very next week. We did a small house-warming ceremony.

The house actually had five bedrooms, not four. Four of them were on the first floor, and the last one at the ground floor. It was really huge. Even though I'm not from a rich family, Sri, Preethi and Sowmya were. Uncle, who is really my mom's brother had made really good in his business.

It was like a villa, in the prestigious suburb of Chennai. We had our own garden with lush green lawns and trees. Only the swimming pool was missing. But really, the house was huge. Each bedroom had a nice balcony, with attached bath. There was a bathroom that had two doors each leading to a different bedroom.

Also there was more space in the ground floor for expansion, if we needed more rooms. For now, me and Sri took a bedroom together while Arvind and Preethi had their own rooms. The last one on the top floor was empty.

We waited till Preethi finished her college, so that we can arrange their marriage. By then, both Arvind and Preethi had already got well together and going out very frequently.

Weeks passed. I was busy looking after my baby girl. I had great sex with Sri, as he couldn't do his sister much in the last two months. Preethi finished her college, and the marriage preparations began.

And I got a chance to talk to Preethi when we went out to buy dresses for her marriage with Arvind. We were going through the brassiere section and she was trying it out in front of me in the changing room.

'Hmmm... not much like me. Her breasts are small, but supple. Okay, she is sexy to some extent.' I was gauging her.

"So, how long have you been doing this?" I asked her.

"Doing what?" she asked me.

"You know what I mean. Having sex with your own brother?" I surprised her.

She was stunned and dropped her bra which she was about to try on her naked breasts. She saw me gazing at her breasts. Then, she came to her senses and hooked it on to her breasts.

"What are you speaking about?" she was asking.

"Oh... come on... I know all of it."

"Who said that to you??"

"Who would? Remember Preethi? Your brother is actually my husband. And don't even think of speaking about this to him."

"No way, he wouldn't have told you."

"Yes, he did." Now she was blushing. 'Actually he didn't!' I was making that up.

She was silent.

"Did you like it having sex with your brother? Was it good?" I asked.

"Why don't you ask Sri?" she asked mockingly.

"I'm asking you. You say it to me, frankly. This will be just between us."

"Yes, I liked it very much."

"Do you want to have his baby?" I asked her.

"No. what are you talking about?" she was almost crying now that her secret is out.

I gave her a hug. "Preethi, it is okay. I'm like your sister. I wont say this to anyone." I was comforting her.

"Yes. I love him so much. I want to have his baby. Please don't say this to anyone. Please." She was crying.

"Oh my god... I don't know what I'm doing. I'm asking the wife whether I can have a child from her husband. What am I doing?" she was sobbing at my shoulders.

"Its okay. I'll let you have your baby from your brother."

She didn't say anything. We came out of the changing room into the panty section. "So, what do you get in this deal?" she asked after thinking a lot.

"Only that, I want a night with my brother too. Just like you."

"What? Are you in love with your own brother too??" she asked grinning.

"Yes. Is it okay with you? You can have ur brother on ur first night, while I have mine. But, we should do it in such a way that my brother doesn't know that you are having Sri's baby. Okay?"

"Wowww... Okay... you know what? I love you so much." She said hugging me and kissing me on my cheeks.

"Do you want to try those panties?" I asked her.

"Why? Do you want to see my naked cunt??" she was asking in a girlish tone.

"Yes. Why? Wouldn't you show that to me?"

"No, I'm just a bit shy." Preethi said.

"Oh come on.. the girl who fucked her own brother is saying she is very shy..." I commented and pulled her into the changing room with the new panties in her hand.

"Do you want me to undress fully?" She asked me with a grin.

"No.. not here. We'll do that at home." I said laughing.

So, she just bent to the front, pulling her saree and petticoat up and pulling down the panties she was wearing. The panties were now rolled down at her ankles.

I made her sit on the chair there and then removed her panties from her ankles. I brought her panties to my nose and inhaled the smell of her crotch.

"Oh my god.. you are crazy... just like me..."

"Why?" I asked.

"Let me say you a secret. I used to get your panties just before putting them for a wash and used to finger myself while smelling it." She said.

"Wowww..." I was stoned. This girl had a thing for me too.

"Hmmm... Show me your prize." I said to her.

She slowly pulled her saree and petticoat up to her hips, showing of her hairy cunt. It was bushy and smelled of her cunt juices.

"Sri liked it just because it is hairy." She made a point.

"Is it?" I asked her mockingly.

"Yes, of course. Don't you know?" she asked again mockingly. And we both laughed.

"I'll give your cunt a nice trim back home. He likes it better when it is trimmed." I winked. I gave that I-know-because-I'm-his-wife look.

"Can I see your cunt too??" she was asking girlishly.

Quickly, I rolled up my saree and petticoat, showing off my panty covered cunt. She easily pulled my panty off to reveal my trimmed cunt and then smelled my panties.

"It is beautiful." She said, looking at my cunt.

There we were, two grown up ladies in a changing room of the shop, awkwardly pulling up our dresses to our hips showing off our cunts to each other like we were little girls.

"Finger yourself for me." I said.

"You too..." she grinned, and we both fingered ourselves before each other, kissing each other occasionally.

There was no time to continue as people would become suspicious, so we soothed our dresses and came out as soon as we reached orgasm. And guess what, she was wearing my panties and I was wearing hers. It was very kinky.

And as we stepped out of the shop, we felt as though we had known each other from childhood. It is really an irony that women get together soon than men do.

As we reached home, we had one full hour to ourselves. She suggested we take bath together.

We both soaped our back and I helped her trim her cunt. "Now, it looks more sexy" I said to her. "Not sexier than yours!" she said, spreading my legs and kissing my cunt.

It felt nice, although new, to share a bath with a girl. I've had bath with Sri, but nothing felt so sensuous like this new experience.

We both kissed each others' breasts, and licked each others' cunts. She drank milk from my breasts. We came twice before we finished our bath.


Hope you liked this part... The breastmilk kinky sex was based on one the readers' ideas. Thanks Manoj, for ur idea. Do give your feedback and suggestions on improving and developing this series into a full fledged novel... I hope you like the plot that I had been developing... To be continued...

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